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What is Powder Coating Cost Efficiency© (PCCE)?

PCCE is a methodology to measure and understand the true coverage and cost efficiency of your powder coating system.  PCCE exposes the flaw when standard transfer efficiency method, used for years in the powder industry, is used to measure application efficiency.

Transfer Efficiency Method


Consider the following example where the dry film build is 3.0 mil

Efficiency Test
Example 1

Powder used: 10 lbs
Weight gain of test panels: 8 lbs
Transfer efficiency: 8/10=.80= 80% TE
Dry film build: 3.9 Mil

Efficiency Test
Example 2

Powder used: 8 lbs
Weight gain of test panels: 5 lbs
Transfer efficiency: 5/8=.62= 62% TE
Dry film build: 3.4 Mil


Based on traditional transfer efficiency methodology test #1 is the most efficient.

However, a complete review of all data gathered by using the PCCE method will make it clear test #2 is the most efficient and will actually result in a 20% savings in powder.

Knowing your true cost efficiency numbers is the first step to optimizing your powder coating system.

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Free no obligation copy of the PCCE Methodology

Includes instructions, procedures, spreadsheets and list of equipment and materials required.