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  1. Why is NitrothermSpray better than the existing technologies?
    All methods of spray coating, including liquid or powder coating, use compressed air as the fluid carrier.  NitrothermSpray (NTS) and Polifluid, patented by Eurosider Sas, are the first to use pure nitrogen to provide a significantly improved carrier.  Nitrogen is cleaner, dryer, faster, and atomizes better than compressed air.

  2. Will it be expensive?
    No, in most cases the return on investment is less than one year.

  3. Who is CDT?
    Coating Delivery Technology (CDT) is the master importer for Eurosider Sas in the USA.  CDT has over 10 years of testing, product installation and training on Eurosider technologies all over the world.

  4. What other clients does CDT have?
    CDT has provided consulting, testing, results analysis, product installation, staff training and support for many multinational corporations including:  OEM Toyota, Honda, Nissan, KIA, , Elkay, Sapa, Spectrum Ind., and many others.

  5. Will the technology work with my existing equipment?
    Yes, NTS and Polifluid systems are additions to your system, which will convert your compressed air to an optimized nitrogen carrier. You will use the same fluid delivery and spray guns that you use now.

  6. How quickly does the technology pay for itself?
    Most installations have a full return on investment within 12 months from just liquid or powder savings alone. In addition, the reduction of rework, and production increases, often provide returns that exceed liquid savings.

  7. What makes CDT unique?
    CDT management has years of extensive experience with nitrogen technology in the coating industry.  CDT is a hands-on full participation organization. We bring the technology to you.

  8. How do I arrange a test at my site?
    At your request, we will contact you and assist in obtaining data to project ROI benefits and estimated cost you can expect from an NTS or Polifluid system. If this data meets your approval we schedule a test at your site to verify performance with your coating application.

  9. Will there be additional training involved for my staff?
    Yes, however, as you will still be spraying with your process minimal training regarding the setup operation of the system. Complete NTS training and optimization is provided at installation.

  10. Will NitrothermSpray work with robot systems that are using rotary bells?
    Yes, the newest systems NitrothermSpray and NitroRobot work with robots and rotary bells that use shaping air.

  11. Can the NitrothermSpray system be used with electrostatic spray guns.
    Yes, the NTS systems work with electrostatic guns.

  12. How does the Nitrotherm system make nitrogen?
    Compressed air is 78% nitrogen.  NTS systems use a patented selective permeation membrane to filter out everything but Nitrogen.

  13. Are there any negative impacts to the environment from using the Nitrotherm system?
    No, it is just the opposite. The amount of liquid and overspray is significantly reduced.   The result is reduced emissions and VOC’s.

  14. How does the Nitrotherm system affect the maintenance of my booths and filters?
    Maintenance is reduced. The higher speed of pure nitrogen as a carrier allows reduction of atomizing PSI which reduces overspray and extends filter life.

  15. Will I be able to reduce the orange peel surfaces on items we paint?
    Yes, Our DOI and or gloss readings are superior to compressed air.  This is the result of eliminating   impurities and moisture in the fluid carrier, combined with the positive charge through ionization and the ability to control temperature at atomization. 

  16. How is the Nitrotherm system affected by temperature and Humidity?
    No affect to temperature and humidity.  Nitrogen is basically anhydrous and inert, which eliminates changes that happen with compressed air as temperature and humidity changes.