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Liquid Applications

Nitrotherm Features

  • Converts your compressed air to clean dry ionized nitrogen carrier that never changes.
  • Works with your paint guns and fluid delivery system.
  • Provides a constant and adjustable temperature at atomization.
  • Improved transfer efficiency. Reduced coating usage by 10-30%.
  • Flash time reduced no wait between coats. Click here to see Nitrogen & compressed air go head to head.
  • Reduced cycle time due to faster flash and less coats required
  • Increased wet film per coat without sags or runs or mottling.
  • Reduced overspray provides cleaner work area and reduces booth filter changes 
  • Reduced dry film deviation and improved DOI improves quality and reduces rework
Average return on investment in months.

For spraying liquids | All paints & lacquers | Gel Coats | Solvent & waterborne

Why the nitrogen enriched carrier work better
than compressed air

Independent Laser Test Comparing Compressed Air to Nitrogen

Droplet Speed Compressed Air Nitrogen Droplet Size Compressed air Nitrogen
Speed Mean (m/s) 7.2 13.2 D10 (um) 32.9 29.7
Speed RMS (m/s) 3.1 4.7 D20 (um) 36.9 32.5
Turbulence Intensity (%) 43.4 35.8 D30 (um) 40.9 35
D32 (um) 50.2 40.7
Notes: Faster speed means more fluid with less air pressure which improves transfer efficiency NOTES: Smaller droplets produced by Nitrogen proves improved atomization which improves DOI and reduces flash time.
Nitrotherm even improves transfer efficiency and wrap around with Electrostatic guns (see above video)

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