Coating Delivery Technology LLC

USA importer for Eurosider sas products and technology

Patented Technology


  • Clean dry, ionized nitrogen replaces filtered compressed air.
  • Anhydrous inert nitrogen eliminates all problems associated with moisture and static electricity.
  • A more defined and precise spray cone.
  • More material laid in one coat.
  • Each coat adheres to substrate rapidly reducing sags, runs,and mottling.
  • Reduced flash off no wait between coats.
  • Reduced overspray provides cleaner work area and less filter changes
  • Provides an adjustable and constant temperature at atomization

The Guarantees And International Patents Of Eurosider Srl

A Revolution In The World Of Powder and Liquid Spray Painting

Each of our systems is designed, built and tested in our factory.All systems meet the requirements of CE and ETL standards.

EUROSIDER ® offers its customers maximum guarantees with its products, insuring them from any risk deriving from the purchase or use of counterfeit products, which do not comply with safety standards or legal guarantees.

Each plant is equipped with product insurance, CE certification and USA and Canadian ETL certification for the North American market.

Owner of 22 patents granted and recognized in all the most industrialized countries of the world. International relations with the main Japanese and other automotive groups: Toyota(with over 100 plants in North America, Canada, the United Kingdom and Russia), Nissan (with supplies in Spain and Great Britain), Hyundai (with Eurosider machines installed in Korea and Mexico), Fiat Crysler (Turkey), Ferrari (Modena) and many others located in the most diverse countries of the globe: Germany, Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Sweden, etc..

Our systems are innovative and highly performing thanks to a series of exclusive EUROSIDER ® patents . The painting method with a flow enriched in nitrogen is protected by exclusive International patents of EUROSIDER ®

U.S. PATENT #6,821,
315 B2

U.S. PATENT #7,936,
982 B2

EU PATENT #1332784

EU PATENT #1778406

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