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Liquid Application

NitrothermSpray Technology provides:

  • Fewer imperfections
  • Improved Definition of Image (DOI)
  • Reduced cycle and flash times
  • Reduced coating usage between 10% to 40%
  • Average Return in Investment (ROI) is 6 to 12 months
  • Works with manual sprayers or robots

Nitrotherm Features

  • Clean, dry, ionized nitrogen replaces compressed air
  • Anhydrous inert nitrogen eliminates problems associated with moisture in compressed air
  • Nitrogen travels faster than compressed air allowing reduction of atomizing air pressure up to 40%
  • Defined and precise spraying cone gives higher Definition of Image (DOI)
  • Increased wet film build per coat with out sags
  • Reduced flash time and evaporation eliminates wait between the first and second coat
  • Nitrogen carrier removes all dust, oil, moisture and other chemical contaminants found in the highest quality compressed air
  • Heated nitrogen carrier improves paint flow regardless of ambient temperature
  • Ionization charge reduces sags, runs, drips, mottling, and orange peel associated with conventional compressed air application
 patented tech

Fast molecules Heated nitrogen Adjustable polarity
  • Reduces atomization pressure
  • Reduce overspray
  • Increase transfer efficiency
  • Improve working condition
  • Lower spray booth maintenance
  • Fewer filter changes
  • Lowers product viscosity
  • Reduces use of solvents
  • Reduces VOC
  • Improves application
  • Improves coverage
  • Improves DOI
  • Improves substrate adhesion
  • Polarity positive or negative
  • Adjustable up to 15kw
  • Drastically reduces impurities in finish
  • Simplifies application of metallic eliminates mottling