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Patented Technology Features

A Spray Painting Revolution

Works with Liquid and Powder

A Spray Painting Revolution

patented tech

  • Clean, dry, filtered, ionized compressed nitrogen
  • Anhydrous inert nitrogen eliminates problems associated with moisture
  • Nitrogen travels faster than compressed air allowing up to 40% reduction in atomizing air
  • A more defined and precise spraying cone gives higher Definition of Image (DOI)
  • More wet mil build with out sags or runs
  • Reduced application, flash off and evaporation times results in no wait between the first and second coat
  • Pure nitrogen has no oil, water, or other chemical contaminants found in even the highest quality compressed air
  • Heated nitrogen carrier provides smother finish regardless of ambient temperature
  • Each coat adheres to the substrate rapidly, reducing sags runs, drips, mottling, and orange peel associated with conventional compressed air application

Fast molecules deliver

  • Lower Atomizing air pressure
  • Less overspray
  • Increased transfer efficiency
  • Better working conditions
  • Less spray booth maintenance
  • Extended life of booth filters

Heated nitrogen benefits

  • Lower product viscosity
  • Reduced use of solvents
  • Reduced VOC
  • Improved DOI
  • Improved coverage

Adjustable polarity

  • Promotes attraction to different substrates
  • Nitrogen charged with positive or negative ions
  • Regulated by up to 15 KV
  • Drastically reduces impurities in the coating
  • Allows easier application of metallic coatings eliminates mottling

Independent laser tests shows the speed of compressed air compared to nitrogen:

Compressed air vs. Nitrogen

Droplet  Speed Compressed Air Nitrogen
Speed Mean (m/s) 7.2 13.2
Speed RMS (m/s) 3.1 4.7
Turbulence Intensity (%) 43.4 35.8

Notes: Increased speed means more fluid with less air pressure improving transfer efficiency

 Droplet Size  Compressed  air  Nitrogen
D10 (um) 32.9 29.7
D20 (um) 36.9 32.6
D30 (um) 40.9 35.0
D32 (um) 50.2 40.7

Notes: Smaller droplets with nitrogen improves atomization, improves DOI and reduces flashtime

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Average Return on Investment is between 6-12 months!